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Noviembre del 2014


Desde Southampton, UK

Enlace permanente 20 de Noviembre, 2014, 17:33

Interview questions 1. What university are you at now, and what is your Masters in? I"m at University of Southampton and I"m doing a master degree in Software Engineering. 2. What made you decide to pursue a Masters in the UK, rather than your home country? In the first place the situation in my home country is not good at all. There are economical, political and social problems. Venezuela is no longer a safe place to live because the rate of criminality has drastically increased over the past 10 years. I wanted to study a master degree in an English speaking country and also in a very good university. I did my research and found out that the University of Southampton was in the top 10 best universities in the UK and in the top 3 of ECS studies (Electronic and Computer Science). I also checked the tuition fee and it was affordable to me. Having analysed all these facts, I made up my mind and decided to come to the UK. 3. What are you enjoying most about your Masters degree, and Southampton in general? The university is fantastic and I feel that I am learning a lot because there were so many things that I didn"t know much about. The people that I have met here are also great (teachers, classmates, flatmates, etc.) and there are lot of activities to do. 4. Why did choose the Masters Preparation Programme at Kings? Back in Venezuela I contacted an agency that give advice to people that want to study abroad. They were the ones that told me about this Programme. It looked like a good opportunity to prepare myself for the university and also to enter in it. 5 What did you enjoy most about the programme at Kings? I feel that this programme improved my English level and it also gave me some good techniques that can be used both in the university and at work. The environment was great and all staff members were really professional and kind. There were a lot of activities to do and I got to meet people from all around the world. It was an excellent experience. 6. How do you think the Masters Preparation Programme has most helped you? As I said before, this programme prepared me in a way that made me feel more confident to face University. Before coming to UK I was a little bit scared on how things were going to be at the university, but as soon as I finished the programme at Kings that fear was gone. 7. What kind of support did you get from Kings in choosing and applying to university? Kings acted as an intermediary between the university and me. They would contact the university and then they would tell me the things that I needed to know. Kings took care of things like accommodations and sending all the requirements to the university. 8. What do you hope to do after you finish your Masters? After I finish my Masters I hope I can find a job related to my career here in the UK, Europe or USA.
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